Class Quickbooks::OleAdapter::Connection
In: lib/quickbooks/adapters/ole_adapter.rb
Parent: Object


Public Class methods

Initializes an instance of Quickbooks::Connection.

  • application_name is required.
  • file is optional, in which case the connection will be made to the currently open company file in the Quickbooks application.
  • user and password may be required if you have specified a specific file to open.
  • connection_type can be one of: [‘unknown’, ‘localQBD’, ‘remoteQBD’, ‘localQBDLaunchUI’, ‘remoteQBOE’]
  • connection_mode can be one of: [‘SingleUser’, ‘MultiUser’, ‘DoNotCare’]

Public Instance methods

Close the connection to Quickbooks. Automatically ends the session, if there is one.

Returns true if there is an open connection to Quickbooks, false if not. Use session? to determine an open session.

Returns the active connection to Quickbooks, or creates a new one if none exists.

End the current Quickbooks session. After ending a session, a new session may be reopened if desired.

Sends a request to Quickbooks. This request should be a valid QBXML request. Use Qbxml::Request to generate valid requests.

Returns true if there is an active session. Use connected? to determine whether you are connected or not.