Class Qbxml::Request
In: lib/qbxml/request.rb
Parent: Object


new   next_request_id   to_xml  

Public Class methods

  1. List queries (:query), :query) # <= will return the record matching the object supplied (automatically searches by list_id or txn_id), :query, :limit => 1) # <= will return the first customer, :query, /some match/) # <= will return all customers matching the regexp
  1. Deleted queries (:deleted), :deleted) # <= INVALID!! (besides, you wouldn't have an object to check up on anyway :P ), :deleted) # <= will return all deleted Customers, :deleted, :deleted_date_range_filter => {'from_deleted_date' => Date.parse('2008/10/05')}) # <= will return all Customers deleted since 5 October 2008
  1. Object-specific transaction query (:transaction), :query) # <= will return the transaction matching the object supplied
  1. Mod requests (:mod), :mod) # <= will update the object
  1. Delete requests (:delete), :delete) # <= will delete the object

We want the attributes of the object when we are updating, but no other time.

Public Instance methods

This is where the magic happens to convert a request object into xml worthy of quickbooks.